Care Philosophy

I follow some simple principles when seeing families.

Firstly the Mother is always right.

Secondly in view of the fact that having an ill child is very stressful, if there is an urgent need to see me I try to make myself available quickly. My limited private practice is conducted outside of working hours to convenience families (as well as to avoid any conflicts with my other work.)

Thirdly the most important aspects of care are kindness and proficiency in the practice of medicine.

Fourthly there is ALWAYS something that can be done to help an ill child and their family.

Fifthly I frequently come across families where it is clear that their concerns have not been addressed and not been listened to. Thoroughness is important.

Finally should I think I need to consult other colleagues for their experience and expertise I will not hesitate to do so, although I tend to be conservative in arranging tests which can in themselves be unpleasant for your child. I estimate that I have seen and treated 20,000 or more children over the past 30 plus years and thus consider myself considerably experienced.