About Professor Sutcliffe

Professor Alastair G Sutcliffe is a consultant paediatrician who has pioneered studies of children and their families conceived after treatments for infertility. Furthermore he is actively involved in trying to improve the health of children (and also women) through his research programme.

He has 30 years of experience in looking after children and sees children with any disorder, sometimes to give second opinions. Families need to have their concerns sympathetically listened to and their child treated accordingly.

Prof Sutcliffe is married to a Rheumatologist (website) and has three children. During his time in training he became interested in helping children through medical research. He is unusual in having two doctorates one awarded by UCL and the other by the Free University of Brussels. In addition to being a specialist in both neurodevelopmental and general paediatrics, he has an international name as the most expert paediatrician for IVF children. Prof Sutcliffe is also a visiting Professor at the University of New South Wales.

My Inaugural Symposium

Here is a recording of my inaugural symposium that took place on 15th of May 2015:

Published items in the media

My work has been published in the public domain as well, covering several important topics such as ovarian cancer, swaddling babies or the use of Calpol in children. You can find links to these articles below:

Swaddling babies can cause hip problems




Women who undergo IVF are a third more likely to develop ovarian cancer


Excessive use of Calpol can cause asthma or kidney, liver and heart damage




Overuse of sunscreen and lack of sun can lead to increase in rickets




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